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Puncture Prevention Aeropak Liquid Tyre Sealant

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Aeropak Liquid Tyre Sealant seals punctures for the lifetime of the tyre.  long
lasting formula is made of a chemically neutral, 100% organic polymer that will not corrode or damage metal rims, tyres, plastic or rubber parts.

AeroPak Liquid Tyre Sealant will seal punctures up to 6mm,  non-flammable, will not freeze, is non toxic and safe to the environment. Once AeroPak
Liquid Tyre Sealant is in the tyre, it remains a liquid until a hole is found,
allowing the sealant to escape and react with the atmosphere to seal the leak.


  1. Remove the valve core to fully deflate the tyre,
    2. Fill the tyre with the correct amount of AeroPak Liquid Tyre Sealant.

Suggested fill quantities

Bicycles; 125-250ml,

Motorcycles; 200m-350ml, and Wide Tyre Bikes

Small Cars; 500-1000ml,

Large Cars; 1000-2000ml.

  1. Replace the valve core, and rotate the tyre for a few minutes to evenly spread sealant.
    4. Inflate the tyre to the correct pressure, and as soon as possible slowly drive 1-2km. The puncture / leaks will automatically seal. Recheck tyre
    pressure and reinflate if needed.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The tyre’s speed of rotation/ centrifugal force after sealant application is important to evenly distribute the sealant. Allowing the tyre to remain stationary after filling may cause the wheel to become unbalanced at speed. If this occurs AeroPak Liquid Tyre­ Sealant will allow the vehicle to continue in an emergency at reduced speed, however a professional tyre repair mechanic will need to clean the tyre out with water allowing for the installation of a proper plug/patch.


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