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E-Bike DOUBLE rack FAT TYRE Designed and made in NZ

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E-Bike Rack  Tow Ball Fit
DOUBLE take 2 E-Bikes safely

Manufactured for Wired 2 Ride
Designed for Wired 2 Ride

Made in New Zealand

:: FAT TYRE Tyre Chanel
:: Adjustable width
:: Bar folds down allows tail door to open
:: Supplied with stretch ties
:: Hot dip galvanized
:: Made specifically for Electric Bikes

 :: Length 1450mm

:: Depth 330mm

:: Height pole 830mm

:: Weight 16.6kg

:: Hot Dip Galvanised

:: Solid Steel

:: Welded

:: Chanel width 70mm

:: Fat Tyre Chanel Width 115mm

 Supplied with

:: Allen Key
:: Soft Cover on Poles
:: Stretch ties for each wheel ball locking
:: Stretch ties for bike frame to poles 

Bolts solidly onto your existing Tow Ball 50mm internal diameter pipe with supports each side of tow bar to stop side movement


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