T1000 Mountaineer Electric Scooter by TOMINI

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T1000 Mountaineer by TOMINI

Drive to free parking or scoot to the office work site or Uni 
Never pay parking again or take that public transport expensive time consuming and not always direct to your destination

Scooting is the new transport of choice

A weeks commuting for 60 cents 


:: Tyre 10 inch Tubeless

:: Top Speed 55 KPH

:: Max Range 60-70 KM

:: Incline rate 30 degrees

:: Motor 2 x 500 watt Brushless rear hub

:: Battery Lithium Ion 48V 20AH

:: Charge time 6-8 hours

:: Weight 28 KG

:: Size 125 x 30 x 65 cm

:: Max Load 135kg

:: Brakes Front and Rear Disc Brakes

:: Shocks Front and Rear

:: Light front and rear

:: IP55 water rating

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