Electric Scooter Folding T5 WIDE BOARD

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  E-Scooter  T5


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Electric Transport Solutions -

Scooting for commuting! Introducing our latest commuter scooter!

:: Wider body
:: Longer platform
:: Bigger Wheels
:: More stable handle
:: 120KG Loading


Battery....  18650 lithium
Battery...   36V  10.4Ah
Charging... 3-5 hours from flat
Distance... 40-0 Km
Tyre... 10 inch  pneumatic
Speed... 25KPH in sport mode
Speed... Select speed mode
Climbing... 20 degrees
Braking... Disc Brake
Power... 300 watt brushless motor
Size... 1183 x 460 x 1216 mm
Weight... 18kg
Loading... 120kg

Colour... Black  

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