Electric Moped City Retro

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Electric Moped.. BRAND NEW

Full Size 2 Person Moped 

Quick Quiet Smooth
Smooth and  powerful, great commuter, work, uni, shopping, its how to beat the traffic 

travel over 100 kilometers for as little as 50 cents

test ride no problem


Model... Retro Moped

SKU... A1

Around town commuter in the on trend moped from Wired 2 Ride

Quiet Quick clean low cost and fun.

Dimension                 1750 x 720 x 1240 mm
Weight                       120kg with battery
Climbing                     30 deg
Max Speed                45kph
Distance per charge   90-100km.
Torque                         115n.m
Suspension                 Hydraulic 
Max Load                   150kg
Motor                         1000W Brushless Motor
Controller                    12T
Battery                        72V20Ah  Lead Acid
Odometer                   Digital
Tyre                            10" Tubeless
Brake  F  R                 Drum / Drum
Frame                         Aluminium
Colour                         Electro Coated

Certification... EEC

Supplied with

:: PDI 

:: Compliance VINZ

:: ready to register

Warranty 1 year parts replacement excludes customer damage


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