BFZ- Retro Cruiser Black

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E-Bike Retro Cruiser - Black 

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Ride me 3 Ways   +  Throttle only, -   Pedal only   -   Pedal assist [ most popular]

Love the idea of riding to work in the summer, but hate the idea of arriving hot and sweaty?

We’ve got just the answer! Our gorgeous two person electric cruiser is just what you need!

Not only does it look the part, but it has plenty of added extras to make your life that little bit easier!
• Fly past all the cars stuck in traffic at speeds of 20-30km/h
• Travel range of 30-40km on a full charge
• Rear padded seat which is perfect for dropping your child at school on the way! ( 150kg weight limit) Alternatively, fold out the seat to make a wider storage platform.
• Front basket.
• Alarm and key lock immobilizer.
• LED lights front and rear for safe riding after dark.
• Battery is easy to remove for recharging.

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BFZ-Retro Cruiser Black

Added Features 

:: Rear padded seat [ Removable]
:: easily removable battery with carry handle for remote charging
:: Suspension Dual front and rear
:: Remote electric key fob
:  Alarm
:: key lock immobilizer Locks Rear Wheel
:: 3 ways to use motor
:: Solid rear locking stand
:: Basket
:: lights front and rear
:: Mirrors

350W motor 48V Lithium Battery  Electric Bicycle 24 Inch Tyre Electric Retro style Bike with  Shelf  and basket

Model RC Black

:: 350 watt :: Lithium Battery 48V 12Ah.  ::   24" Wheels   :: Brushless Motor

:: Range 40-50 KM   :: Speed 20 to 30 KPH :: Size 152 x 32 x 83 cm

:: Front Fork Shocks  :: Sinusoidal Controller

:: Loading 150k  :: Locking safety stand 

:: Brakes F drum R rising [ internal braking system]


:: CE, EEC, ISO, CQC, EPA, COC, EN15194 

> Warranty 12 Months parts replacement or return to base

excludes customer damage

> Shipping FREE NZ Wide.

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