TOMINI... vision for E-SCOOTERS

History Of Tomini by Taimi

The Owner of the Factory Lion Zhu established the Aluminum alloy processing plant in 1997 ,and started to produce the normal scooter in 2003  ,In 2013 his son Leo and Jim accepted  the baton and grew the business .

The founder of Taimi ,Leo graduated in 2009 and practiced in his father's scooter factory after graduating from university. As electronic engineer,during his internship in his father's frame factory , he saw a massive future for electric scooters. At the same time, he also liked conducting his own research of electric commuter travel, He spent nine months in the warehouse of his father's factory and designed and build an electric scooter by 2012. This success made Leo firm in his resolve combined with a love for portable convenient  transport solutions. The TAIMI company was established in 2013.


In 2015  , Taimi decided to develop more models ,like the 8 inch ,10 inch electric scooter , and 2016 - 2018  ,Taimi launched the 8 inch , 10 inch scooter , from 250 W to 3000 W electric scooter. And establish more and more partners around the world .

NEW ZEALAND partner Wired2Ride Christchurch


Our Vision

Taimi is all about making life more fun, with the added bonus of making
eco-friendly with  great looking design. We are always pushing boundaries, keeping in mind that working hard needs to go hand in hand with playing hard,  Join us in our mission to add more smiles to your every day