F. A. Q.

Q... Do I need a drivers licence

A... Moped ...Yes you need a minimum of a car licence or car learners you do not need a motorbike licence

Motor Bike... Yes you need a Motorbike Licence

E-Bike...  no licence required just cycle helmet

Q... Do I need a Warrant of Fitness each year

A... No WOF is required for Moped and E bikes we do suggest that you have bike checked yearly to ensure your safety

Motorbike yes WOF is required

Q... How long is the warranty

A... 2 Years parts only from date of purchase

[ excludes damage and normal wear ]

Q... How do I charge the battery

A... Simply plug bike into any home power plug, Or you can  lift battery out  and charge directly [ just like plugging in the jug ] see picture below.

Q... Are there any other costs

A... NO We pay all on road costs including 12 months registration, we suggest you insure your new Bike for your own protection

Q... What are the Delivery and shipping Costs

A...FREE shipping to all major towns and cities some charge for Rural