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Slime Puncture Prevention Tubed Tires

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Slime Tube SealantRed Label: Tube Sealant to Prevent and Repair
The red label line of Slime products is designed specifically to stop flats in tires with tubes. Tubes are the key word here. Your bicycles, dirt bikes, hand dollies, wheelbarrows and jogging strollers with tubes are perfect candidates for the red label product.

The best part of the tube formula? It prevents flats from thorns, glass, goatheads, nails and other debris for TWO years! So don’t wait until you get a flat – squeeze in Slime before you head out to prevent flats before they happen. Slime sealant for tubes instantly seals punctures up to 1/8” and also stops annoying slow leaks. Bottom line, if you have a tire with a tube, reach for the red label bottle.




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